Air Conditioning

Wireless monitoring & control of HVAC cooling

Automatic set point control for VAV’s/Split AC’s

Volumetric cooling with wireless sensors & VFD controls

Occupancy based HVAC controls

HVAC consumes about 50% of energy in a building. The good news is they can be greatly optimized by monitoring how a space is being used.

  • Stop unnecessary cooling

  • Follow the usage patterns

  • Identify leakages & act accordingly

Avoid Unnecessary Cooling

Centralized temperature control for all air-conditioners in the building.
Continuously monitor temperatures across the building and generate heat maps to optimize.
Create rules to override manual temperature settings below 23C
Works with all air-conditioners with IR interface

Occupancy based setbacks

Turn off & go to fan mode based on occupancy
Wireless microwave radar sensors for sensing motion
Derives occupancy patterns and adjusts setbacks accordingly to save energy without compromising on comfort

Volumetric cooling

Avoid unnecessary cooling of huge spaces by tracking temperature at the right places.
Control VFD based on the volume of air cooled, instead of entire space
Completely wireless solution to monitor & control, reducing infrastructure costs