Where technology meets Light

GooseLED is a smart, wireless lighting solution that’s intelligently switches light wattages based on occupancy, ambient light and even on time of the day. Lighting consumes about 10-12% of energy and the good news is 70% of that can be saved.

Wireless sensors to monitor occupancy & ambient light
Identify zones to be controlled & save energy
Adjust wattage of lights to save energy

Our Lighting Solutions

Parking Lot Lighting

Energy Saving

Upto 60% energy savings than LED lighting

Optimal Solution

Lesser light pollution

Cost Effective

1.5x more life, hence lower maintenance costs


Helps you meet green building codes


Indoor Lighting

Energy Saving

Upto 20- 40% energy savings on lighting loads

Greater Efficiency

Improved productivity because of better lighting

Optimal Solution

0.4kWh of energy savings on air-conditioning for every 1kWh of lighting energy saved, as lights are the major heat sources inside a building


Outdoor Lighting

Energy Saving

Huge savings in terms of energy & costs

Control system

Complete control of lights from a central dashboard

Cost Effective

Increased luminaire life, resulting in lower maintenance costs

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