Wireless, Efficient & Smart

BridgeThings provides long range, battery powered wireless sensors & gateways that help buildings to improve their energy efficiency and be sustainable.

Wireless Networks

Long range, low power wireless networks.


Modern spaces are huge with distributed utility assets. Monitoring these with legacy solutions is close to impossible, as wiring these assets is difficult and not scalable. BridgeThings, long range wireless gateway & battery powered sensors provides an inter-operability solution to track distinct distributed assets on a single platform


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Energy demand management

Live monitoring & control of energy demand with predictive analytics

“What gets measured, gets managed” – To optimize energy demand, monitoring is the first step. With energy consumption data, BridgeThings ML based algorithms will derive patterns that provides great insights into where energy can be optimized.

With a rule based control engine built into the system, load can be automatically shed based on user priorities.


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Air Conditioning

Save about 15-20% on air conditioning energy

Air conditioning consumes about 50% of energy in commercial buildings, most of it is wasted for either cooling unoccupied spaces or unnecessary volume of air. With BridgeThings wireless sensors and intelligent VFD/VAV controllers, right cooling can be achieved with huge optimizations


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Wireless Smart Lighting

About 70% more efficient than typical LED

Lights consume full wattage even when the spaces are idle, wasting a lot of energy. BridgeThings GooseLED smart lighting solution uses sensors to monitor spaces for occupancy & ambient lights and then dynamically dims lights to reduce wattage and save energy


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